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Infinix Hot 3 LTE (Hot Dragon) Smartphone Reviews: Specifications, Price, Features

One of the Smartest Android phones from the Infinix Mobility Corporation has arrived, and it is the infinix hot 3 lte (hot Dragon). One of the most affordable smartphone, which comes with premium features is the Infinix Hot 3 LTE.

This is the latest Infinix budget smartphone to launch in the top Africa countries like, Nigeria, Ghana,Kenya and South Africa. The Infinix Hot 3 (LTE) is the 4G variant of the Infinix Hot 3 (3G). You should be aware, that the Hot 3 (LTE) comes with massive significant hardware upgrades that makes it slightly better than it’s predecessor, the infinix hot 3.

Here is what the Infinix Hot 3 LTE has to offer, including it’s specifications, price and premium features.

Infinix Hot 3 LTE Specifications


Infinix Hot 3 LTE

Display Size: 5.5-inch

Display Type: IPS LCD

Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280 Pixels

Screen Resolution Density: 267 PPI

Screen Protection: None

Infinix Hot 3 LTE Reviews

I discovered that the Infinix Hot 3 LTE features a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen, and there is absolutely no difference between the hot 3 and the hot 3 lte. The truth is that if two of the mobile devices are placed in front of you, it becomes quite impossible for you to differentiate, the two devices by their screen size.


infinix hot 3 lte

Dimensions: 151.5 x 76 x 8.3 mm

This device comes with a design which is quite similar to the Infinix Hot 3 (3G). However, the ONLY difference is the back cover. Comparing both these devices, you will be able to discover that the Infinix Hot 3 (3G) has a smoother rear cover, while the Infinix Hot 3 (4G) lte comes with a snake-skin like exterior.

One thing which stands out about the hot 3 lte, is that it is beautifully designed. This devices highlight the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that comes with the Infinix Hot 3 (4G).


Operating System: Android 5.1

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 415

CPU: 1.36 GHz Octa core MSM 8929


Internal Memory: 16 GB

Micro SD: Yes, up to 32 GB

A 1.36 GHz Octa core MSM 8929 CPU is used to powers the Infinix Hot 3 (LTE). The CPU is one of the most biggest premium addon on the infinix hot 3 lte. The 1.36 GHz Octa core MSM 8929 CPU is one of the highlighted feature of the Infinix Hot 3 (LTE), mainly because it is the very first infinix smartphone to get a Qualcomm Chipset.

 Infinix Hot Dragon Hot 3 LTE

However, what you need to know, is that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 415 is not exactly a high-end chipset, but this does not mean you should dismiss it yet. The Chipset has been optimized for LTE connectivity, making it a fine choice for the Infinix Hot 3 LTE.

Another importance of the chipset is in camera performance. The Chipset is also optimized especially for camera performance, thereby giving the Hot 3 lte a big edge over the Hot 3, when it comes camera clarity, Sharpness and bright colors.

Another highlighted feature of the Hot 3 is definitely the 2GB RAM it comes with. The Hot 3 (3G) is somehow slow and buggy because it comes in 1gb RAM. So due to the complaints regarding the slowness of the Hot 3, the Infinix Mobility decided to increase the hot 3 LTE ram to 2gb RAM.


Rear Camera: 8 MP

Secondary Camera: 5 MP

LED Flash: Yes (Rear and Front)

Infinix Hot 3 LTE reviews

One of the most outstanding thing about the Infinix Hot 3 (LTE) is the camera. This device comes with 8 MP camera for general photography and a 5 MP camera for selfies. Well, considering the fact that the Note 2 comes with a front camera of 2MP, this is a huge improve.

Another significant improve is that the Infinix Hot 3 (LTE) comes with led flash, which is featured both in the front-facing and back camera

Battery and Extras

Battery Capacity: Li-ion 3000 mAh

This device is produced with a 3000mAh Li-ion battery. This is the same battery capacity of the Hot 3.

The extras that comes with the Hot 3 lte is that it comes with two different sim slot.

3 Reasons To Buy Infinix Hot 3 LTE

  • 4G Internet Connectivity
  • Ample RAM
  • Awesome Price Tag

Disadvantages of Infinix Hot 3 LTE

  • Doesn’t run the latest version of Android

Price in Kenya

The Infinix Hot 3 (LTE) has a suggested retail price of Ksh. 11,699 in Kenya.

Price in Nigeria

The Infinix Hot 3 (LTE) has a suggested retail price of ₦ 30,900 in Nigeria.

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